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About me

Who's the brains behind this whole thing?

That would be me, Samantha Oberholzer.

I'm a twenty-something freelance writer, journalist, adventurer, traveler, taster, sight-seer. I took my leap across the pond to my parents' motherland, Switzerland, in 2011 and since then I've been meandering my way through this very special expat life, straddling a fine line between being a spontaneous American and quality-obsessed Swiss. 

Writing about my life, my experiences and my adventures is how I digest the cultures around me. Putting it on paper (or screen) makes it real, it makes my experiences come to life a second time... and when that happens, I'm not the only one who gets to enjoy it.

Live through me. Experience the cultures that I experience. See what I see, and then see for yourself.

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About Cup of Culture

Samantha Oberholzer first fretted over, fiddled with and, eventually, "finalized" Cup Of Culture in 2013 as an intriguing outlet to describe the sights, sounds, tastes and snapshots of cultures she experiences on her adventures in and around Switzerland. The inspiration behind the blog, its raison d'être, its heart and soul, is the exploration of and fascination with the cultures - large and small, here and there - that engulf us.

How do they shape us and the stories we tell? What do they teach us, show us, do for us? Where do we find them?

Those are the questions this blog attempts to answer, one steaming sip at a time...

All photos and written content are © 2013-18 by Cup of Culture unless stated otherwise. I ask that you please link back to this website and its original post if any content or images are used. Thank you!