Fish & Chips in the 'Couve

Fish & Chips in the 'Couve

During my vacation in Seattle earlier this year, we took a day trip up to Vancouver just so that D could say he'd been in yet another country, and because, well, it's basically right there.

One of my favourite things about city trips are the restaurants. Every city has its own sort of food/restaurant culture - I'm particularly drawn to the design package of a restaurant (menus, decorations, bathroom style, chairs, tables, etc) and I'm fascinated by how that special atmosphere finds its way into the kitchen and into the taste, texture, style, flavour of the food that is cooked there.

So, from Vancouver's mainland we hopped on a mini-tugboat and cruised for three minutes right on over to Granville Island to see what the storied Granville Public Market had to offer. Alas, the market was closed but we found an attractive little food place called Edible Canadaa hip "culinary tourism company" that boasts an intriguing food menu listing dishes made with local ingredients (their drink menu also featured a few bevvies from the area!).

I treated myself to a "Line Caught Fish & Chips" while D enjoyed the "Boar Bacon Cheddar Burger", Dad had the "Quebecois Rabbit Ragu" (they put Wabbit Wagu on the receipt, HA!) and I honestly can't remember what Mom had because I was so concentrated on devouring my own meal!

Aside from being mega tasty, the meals were prepared using Canadian and/or Vancouverian ingredients, which I really appreciate. There's something about a restaurant working together with its local food community that just makes lunch that much more better.

Brunch, lunch and dinner menus are online and it's easy to find - if you happen to be in the area I can definitely recommend this place.

Maybe on your way out you can pick up some local food stuffs to go. I wouldn't mind a bottle of 100% real Canadian Maple Syrup... for some reason I walked right on by and didn't think to bring any back to enjoy in Switzerland. Blame it on the good food I guess!

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