Top 5: Ä guete

Top 5: Ä guete

One of my favourite things about travelling is EATING!

As someone with a dedicated Snack Drawer in her office and the daughter of an incredibly talented chef, food is a major (majorly delicious!) part of my life.

Food is a part of culture and D and I have found that we'd rather sleep in a shoddy hotel so that we can splurge on nice dinners at well-known or recommended restaurants, or maybe find the perfect "off the beaten path" watering hole. So, I present to you our current list of what we think are the world's top five restaurants [Editor's note: our travels haven't yet taken us to every restaurant in the world, so the list is limited to the places we have been and that's why it's just a "current" version. We can't wait to update this list as our roster of gastronomic adventures increases.]

1. Damianz - Roermond, Holland

In April of 2013, I surprised D with a visit to Hotel Het Arresthius in Roermond, Holland. The building was transformed from the city's prison for drug smugglers to a luxury hotel and in the spirit of recycling the original cell doors, stairs and railings have been incorporated into the interior design of the hotel. I could write a whole post about the look and feel of the hotel itself but I'll stick to the grub. Damianz is truly a gem - we opted for the four-course menu which included octopus, baby rooster, halibut and fennel ice cream. And to top it off, we went with the wine menu which presented itself as a hand-selected wines that paired perfectly with the decadently prepared dishes. Fresh ingredients with unlikely, yet delicious, combinations highlighted our dining experience, which was only made better by the incredible service.

2. Edible Canada - Vancouver, Canada

In one of my first postsI wrote about Edible Canada in Vancouver, another restaurant that used local ingredients (local fishers for the fish, local farms for the veggies, local brewing companies for the bevvies, etc.). The restaurant called itself a "culinary tourism company" - a title nearly intriguing as its menu. My fish and chips were to die for but the burger would have also been an excellent choice.

3. Phad Thai - Bangkok, Thailand

Probably one of our most cultural dining experiences to date, the original Phad Thai restaurant in Thailand made the list because of how "real" it was. Some of the best restaurants are nearly impossibly to stumble upon without the help of a local guide. Our Thai friend tok us to Tipsamai Pratu Pi and it was the sidewalk table, the aroma from the passing cars, the traditional Thai meal and the fact that we were (very obviously) the only tourists present that got this place on our list.

(Unfortunately, I didn't catch a pic of our meal at Tipsamai Pratu Pi, but this Phad Thai in Bangkok also looked yummy.)

4. Restaurant Sternen - Nidau, Switzerland

We've been to so many places in the world and yet a restaurant from home still made the list. Sternen in dear old Nidau is a place to go if you're craving some truly wonderful, mouth-wateringly well prepared meat. Before guests place their order, chef and owner Urs Trösch brings out a large cutting board with different cuts of a variety of meats. His descriptions of the ways he could prepare each meat is enough to get those salivary glands a-goin'. I'm sure guests hear something that suits their fancies, but if not, there's still a normal menu from which they can choose their meals. Of course, there are vegetarian options as well but this is really a place for carnivores.

5. The Market Place - Como, Italy

In my last postI wrote about our weekend trip to Como, Italy and our dinner at The Market Place, recommended to us by a work colleague...and what a recommendation it was! We went with the five-course menu and the accompanying wine menu. The dishes were prepared using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients which is automatically  worth several golden stars in my book.

Honourable mentions:

Special shout-outs to Chez Oberholzer, because nothing beats a home-cooked meal, and Stadthaus, our go-to restaurant when we feel like a familiar atmosphere and a menu we know we'll love.

Where are your favourite places to grub?

Let's get Swiss: Ballenberg

Let's get Swiss: Ballenberg

Come on, Como!

Come on, Como!